Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Goyang Cultural Foundation Sign MoU to Enhance Cultural, Artistic Cooperation

Doha: June 22 – The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Goyang Cultural Foundation from the Republic of Korea signed Saturday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cultural and artistic cooperation.

The memorandum marks the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at promoting culture and the arts to support community development in both Qatar and the Republic of Korea.

The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Goyang Cultural Foundation will embark on a journey of cultural exchange, collaborative performances, and educational initiatives that will benefit artists, audiences, and the broader community in both countries.

A statement from the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra emphasized that this partnership underscores the importance of international cultural cooperation in fostering peace, understanding, and community development.

Executive Director of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Kurt Meister, stated that the MoU represents a wonderful opportunity for cultural and artistic enrichment for both

He added that by working together, both institutions can share their passion for music and the arts, and inspire their communities to embrace cultural and creative diversity.

Acting CEO of the Goyang Cultural Foundation, Kim Baek-ki, noted that the MoU serves as a model for international cultural exchange and aims to enrich the cultural experiences of residents in both countries. He expressed a commitment to continuously developing the relationship between the two entities and providing the best support to enhance their mutual competitiveness and growth.

Source: Qatar News Agency