Israeli Entity Intensifies Bombardment of Southern Lebanon

The Israeli entity on Sunday intensified its bombardment of villages and towns in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli artillery targeted Aitaroun, the eastern outskirts of Kafr Kela, as well as the towns of Naqoura, Alma al-Shaab, Al-Dhahira, Yarin, Al Zaloutiyah, Ramia, Al Qawzah, and Kafar Shuba, according to field sources.

The Israeli warplanes bombed an empty house on the eastern outskirts of the Shaqra town.

The Israeli entity continues its military escalation against the towns and villages of southern Lebanon in conjunction with its brutal and ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7, causing deaths and injuries among civilians, and forcing hundreds of families to flee their homes.

Source: Qatar News Agency