‘We hope to join you at Mars soon,’ says NASA as Hope Probe reaches Red Planet

Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator of NASA, congratulated the UAE and the Mars mission team on Hope Probe’s successful entry to the Red Planet’s orbit.

Zurbuchen wrote on his Twitter account, “Congratulations on your safe arrival to Mars’ orbit! Your bold endeavor to explore the Red Planet will inspire many others to reach for the stars. We hope to join you at Mars soon with @NASAPersevere.”

He also retweeted a post by NASA Perseverance Mars Rover’s account, which quoted Arabic verses from a poem for the Arab famous poet Al Mutanabbi and it’s English translation, which reads, “If you ventured in pursuit of glory, don’t be satisfied with less than the stars.”

Perseverance is a US Mars mission, expected to land on the Red Planet on 18th February.


Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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