Al-Dabaiba follows up the work of the Civil Status, Passports and Nationality departments in Derna and neighboring municipalities

Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba, followed up on the work progress of the emergency committees assigned by the Civil Status, Passports and Nationality Services in Derna and its neighboring municipalities.

This came during the meeting held by Al-Dabaiba, today, Sunday, in Tripoli, with the directors of the two departments, in the presence of the Minister of Local Government and Chairman of the Emergency and Rapid Response Committee, to discuss alleviating the suffering of the people and residents as a result of torrents and floods.

During the meeting, Al-Dabaiba stressed the need to facilitate procedures for all citizens and exempt them from any financial fees in exchange for obtaining any new document, with the need to adhere to professionalism to ensure that there are no breaches in personal data, in addition to paying attention to the conditions of living or dead foreigners and coordinating with their embassies to facilitate procedures related to them.

For his part, the Director of the Civil Status Authority presented a summary of the work of the committee charged with preparing documents to replace lost documents and issuing the necessary documents to those who lost their documents, noting that all documents in the Civil Status Office in the municipality of Derna were damaged as a result of torrents and floods, and documents in the civil registry in Qandoula, Al-Mukhaili and Ras Al-Hilal were partially damaged.

The Director of the Authority confirmed that the work of the teams in the east of the country is progressing at a rapid pace, taking into account the investigation and confirmation of the identity of the owners of the documents. For his part, the Director of the Passport Authority presented the Authority’s work plan to issue replacement passports and personal cards for the people of the affected areas who lost their documents, confirming that the work of the teams affiliated with the Authority in Disaster areas.

Source: Libyan News Agency

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