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2023 Doha Horticulture Expo/ AIPH President: Expo is Platform to Make Planet Healthier, Greener

President of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), Leonardo Capitanio, affirmed that the 2023 Doha Horticulture Expo will offer the best practices and innovations in horticulture and environmental sustainability.

He added that the expo will constitute a platform that enables countries to share their success stories and spirations to a healthier and greener planet.

In his inaugural remarks at the opening ceremony of 2023 Doha Horticulture Expo held in Doha, Capitanio outlined that the gardens and expos the event abounds with are testament to the tremendous potential of horticulture in shaping the future of nations and combining horticulture in life, cities, environment, and hearts.

President of AIPH called on all entities to be defenders of environment, expressing his confidence in 2023 Doha Horticulture Expo that will surely transcend into a promise for the planet, posterities, and global community, not merely as an event, in order for the world to be greener and more prosperous and sustainable.

Holding the horticulture expo in desert is paradoxical, but by virtue of the determination and responsibility, the State of Qatar succeeded in changing this to a reality, Capitanio pointed out, adding that he is so proud to see a rapprochement being materialized among nations and peoples in the name of horticulture and sustainability in the State of Qatar.

He indicated that the motto of the expo: “Green Desert, Better Environment” comes in the appropriate time and context, prompting the nations to explore the amazing potential of nature, along with human innovations to transform arid desert landscapes into prosperous and sustainable eco systems, outlining that horticulture is not merely confined to plantation, but rather it is related to caring for life, promoting biodiversity and combating climate change in a constantly evolving world, he said.

Capitanio added that horticulture offers solutions and materializes shared responsibilities to protect and improve the planet for posterities, indicating that since AIPH is the global destination that promotes the impact and strength of plants, its facilities have been approving for holding international horticulture expos in partnership with the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) since over 60 years. However, he said, since this edition is a first-of-its-kind to be held in a desert area, it gains a profound significance for AIPH.

AIPH represents the interests of horticulture producers in all regions of the world, as plant nursery is considered a maternity ward in the plant world, where plants receive everything to grow strong and healthy prior to being transported to parks, gardens, and green areas.

He noted that nations live in a time where the need for more spacious green zones and a wholesome environment became more exigent than ever before, indicating that plant nurseries no longer contribute to the aesthetic and attractiveness of cities, but only play a critical role in optimizing air quality, reducing level of tension, as well as promoting the general welfare for communities.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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