Oil Minister: Gas Burning Will Stop Within Three To Five Years

Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul-Ghani announced: “Gas burning will stop, completely, within three to five years.”

Abdul-Ghani said in a televised interview followed by the National Iraqi News Agency /NINA/: “There are promising projects to invest the extracted gas in all governorates of Iraq, including the northern governorates,” noting that: “With the completion of these projects, burning gas will stop, except for quantities too little to sustain the flame for safety purposes.”

He added: “We now import up to 1,000 cubic feet (one million standard cubic feet) to operate power plants, and with the completion of our projects, self-sufficiency will be achieved and we will stop importing.”

Regarding the cessation of oil exports through the Turkish port of Ceyhan, the minister explained: “The issue is technical, and we are ready and there are some preparations to resume exports through the Turkish port,” noting that: “The largest percentage of oil exported through Ceyhan has been compensated from the fields of southern Iraq, and that the stop did not affect Iraq’s exports and its financial budget.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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