Rouhani during his meeting with the Qatari Foreign Minister: America will pay a heavy price

Baghdad, The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed: “We consider the recent American terrorist operation a new support by America for terrorism,” stressing that America will pay a heavy price.

Rahani said during his meeting in Tehran today, Saturday, Qatari Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman bin Jassim al-Thani, according to Iranian media, “the Islamic Republic of Iran has never been the initiator of any tension that might destabilize security in the region,” adding: “What has led to an increase Tension in the region in recent years is reckless US measures. “

He stressed the need for consultation and more coordination between Iran and Qatar in the current circumstances,” noting that “the Americans have launched a new path that would be very dangerous for the region. Therefore, in such circumstances, it is necessary to consult and closely coordinate among friendly countries.”

Rouhani said, “The Leader Soleimani was a global face in the fight against terrorism, and everyone knew how effective the role he was playing in the security of the region, especially in Iraq and Syria,” expressing his hope and through the Iraqi people’s movement in the magnificent funeral as well as the massive funeral that will take place in Iran, America should pay attention to the magnitude of the great mistake it committed.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency