Expo 2023 Doha/ Turkish Pavilion Showcases Ways of Developing Agriculture, Technological Transformation into Future with Environmentally Friendly Approach

The Turkish pavilion in the international zone at the Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha attracted a large number of visitors to explore the latest Turkish innovations in the field of agriculture and horticulture. The pavilion showcases biodiversity, rich plant growth, and the natural and geographical characteristics of Turkiye as well as displays the country’s historical riches and culture in a harmonious manner.

During their tour inside the pavilion, visitors learn about the methods of agricultural development and technological transformation into the future with an environmentally friendly approach, in a way that ensures the preservation of the environment and nature while emphasizing the importance of policies aimed at sustaining life.

The Turkish pavilion, which is being held under the theme ‘Motherland of Gardening’, aims to highlight Turkiye’s will to play a prominent role for ‘a greener, more livable and sustainable world’.

With an area of 1,024 square meters, the Turkish pavilion, one of the largest pavilions at Expo Doha, displays Turkiye’s rich garden culture, plants, geography, history, environment, agriculture, and food riches in an impressive way.

Visitors to the Turkish pavilion can also learn about the cultural values and agricultural activities of the fertile regions, which are progressing at an innovative pace from the past to the future.

The pavilion is divided into three sections. In the exhibition area located on the upper floor of the pavilion, export sectors, products and projects are promoted, in addition to an area at the front of the pavilion to host musical performances, celebrations, meetings and harvest activities that will be held with visitors on special occasions.

The Turkish pavilion also takes part in the important activities of the exhibition through measuring the carbon footprint, implementing a digital fig tree that runs on solar energy and produces its own energy, the Turkiye 7 regions, 4 seasons exhibition, the endemic plants exhibition, and greenhouses without soil.

Source: Qatar News Agency