Umm Salal Health Center Starts Providing Health and Wellness Services to Expats

Dr. Nadia Saleh Al Yafei, Family Medicine Consultant and Director of the Umm Salal Health Center at the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), revealed the expansion of the health and wellness services in the center after increasing the number of staff allocated to the service. Hence, the center is now able to accommodate all registered patients, both Qatari citizens and residents, for the first time after the center had been limited to Qatari nationals and employees of the corporation.

Al Yafei said that all the patients will soon be able to take advantage of this service from some of the centers in the northern and neighboring regions. The centers in this area will be able to transfer the visitors to Umm Salal to also benefit from this service.

She pointed out that what distinguishes the health and wellness services in the center of Umm Salal is the existence of two sections, one for men and one for women, making it possible to use the service on all days of the week, for men and women. Also explaining that presently, the number of working days related to the health and wellness service has been increased, with 5 days for men and the same for women throughout the week, ensuring 10 clinics a week during the morning and evening.

Source: Government of Qatar