UAE partakes in Meeting of Global Coalition Against Daesh

The UAE partook in the Ministerial Meeting of Global Coalition Against Daesh which convened yesterday in Washington in the presence of US President Donald J. Trump .

Addressing the meeting, which was attended by representatives of 77 members of the Coalition, Dr. Maitha bint Salem Al Shamsi, Minister of State, who led the UAE delegation, praised the significant achievements made by the Coalition over the course of 2018.

“The real war against this terrorist organisation and its affiliates, is not being waged on the battlefields but rather across schools, mosques, homes and websites. We, as members of the Coalition, should carry on our commitment to this war by addressing the damage inflicted by this criminal organisation in Iraq and Syria,” said Al Shamsi.

She underlined the significant role played by the UAE as an efficient member of the Coalition and reviewed the country’s contributions to the attempts made to establishing peace and stability in Iraq.

“The UAE pledged in 2018 to provide development aid worth US$500 million, to assist international efforts to reconstruct Iraq in addition to $5.5 billion in private investments,” the minister added.

In 2016 the UAE provided $60 million to the Funding Facility for Stabilisation (FFS) in Mosul, Iraq, and humanitarian assistance to Syrian people worth $968.2 million since the onset of the conflict there as well as $10 million for the Syria Reconstruction Fund and $40 million through USAID.

The minister re-affirmed the UAE’s commitment to fighting Daesh and all other forms of extremism.

At the end of the meeting the US President Donald Trump commended the contributions of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany and other nations helping in the rehabilitation of Iraq.

He reviewed the key achievements made by the Coalition, notably the killing of 60 key Daesh commanders and 100 subleaders.

Trump said he expected to see total rout of Daesh in Syria and Iraq next week. He expected a formal announcement as early as next week that the coalition fighting Daesh militants has reclaimed all of the territory previously held by the extremist group.

“Their land is gone. It’s a big factor – their land is gone,” Trump told the meeting.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs