Arab League: Occupation’s Bombardment of Qatar Committee for Reconstruction of Gaza’s Headquarters is a War Crime

Cairo, The League of Arab States condemned, in strongest terms, the Israeli occupation’s bombing of the headquarter of the Qatar Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, considering it a war crime added to the record of Israeli crimes in the brutal war waged against Gaza Strip and its civilian population.

In a statement released today, Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit said that these crimes targeting civilians and civilian facilities should not go unaccounted for.

Aboul Gheit added that targeting an organization serving to reconstruct what was left behind by the devastation and destruction caused by the occupation reveals the nature of this barbaric Israeli attack and its lack of commitment to the most basic principles of human conscience and morals, not to mention the international humanitarian law, which criminalizing targeting civilian facilities in times of war.

Meanwhile, Egypt condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ bombing of the headquarters of Qatar Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, saying this represents a blatant extension to a series of Israeli violations of international law, which stipulate the necessity of protecting civilians and refraining from targeting civilian facilities.

For its part, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed in a statement today that bombing an important headquarters belonging to an Arab country that plays an essential role in supporting the reconstruction efforts of Gaza Strip is inconsistent with the principles and values, and cannot be justified under any pretext or false justifications.

The statement expressed also Egypt’s solidarity and full support with the State of Qatar against this brutal attack, reiterating its call on the international parties to take serious and clear stances and assume its responsibilities towards putting an end to these Israeli assaults in Gaza Strip, in addition to describing the violations by its true names without equivocation, and holding their perpetrators accountable.

Source: Qatar News Agency