Al-Mandalawi Appreciates The Role Of Indigenous Clans In Ending Conflicts And Calls For Supporting Basra In The Budget To Improve Its Reality

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, praised the role of indigenous clans in ending conflicts, calling for support for Basra in the budget to improve its reality.

His media office stated in a statement: “Al-Mandalawi met in his office today, a number of sheikhs, notables, and people of Basra Governorate, to learn about the needs and problems that the province suffers from.”

Al-Mandlawi praised the role of the indigenous Basra clans in cooperating with the security services to establish security and maintain the stability of the province, and their efforts to reduce conflicts and contribute to resolving them and controlling civil peace in it. At the same time, he appreciated Basra for its significant contributions to the success of the Gulf Championship in Basra and left a great imprint and impression for all Arab guests in the governorate.

He called for improving the reality of Basra and advancing its health, education, service and other sectors, and supporting the province in the budget by granting it sufficient financial allocations to complete important projects in it.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency