UAE a key contributor to global humanitarian initiatives to eradicate poverty: Sultan Al Shamsi

The UAE maintains a firm belief that the international community must work together to honor shared commitments towards achieving zero poverty, said Sultan Mohammed Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for International Development Affairs.

Al Shamsi made the remarks in a statement issued today to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Below is the full text of the statement: As part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ aim of “ending poverty everywhere,” the UAE has dedicated significant effort in recent years to assist those in need in meeting their basic needs, such as health, education, nutrition and access to water and sanitation. The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17 presents an opportunity to further mobilise international action in putting an end to the needless suffering that accompanies extreme poverty.

Extending from its humanitarian approach to improve the quality of life of communities worldwide, the UAE works tirelessly with its international partners including states and international organisations to extend assistance to the more than 1 billion people who live under the poverty level. Recognising the link between the eradication of poverty and the improvement of security, stability, and prosperity, the UAE maintains the firm belief that the international community must work together to honor shared commitments towards achieving zero poverty.

At the international level, the UAE is a key contributor to many global humanitarian initiatives focused on eradicating poverty.

To achieve the End Poverty Goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UAE has focused on improving education, promoting economic growth, creating jobs, developing local labor markets, and encouraging entrepreneurship particularly among youth and women in partner countries. By championing innovative approaches tailored to local conditions, the UAE and its partners strive to end poverty in a sustainable manner.

As the UAE prepares to commemorate 50 years since its founding as a nation, it is committed to serving as a more effective donor in the years to come. In reflection of its developmental model, which places multilateralism and collaboration at the forefront of strategic priorities, the UAE will also expand partnerships with relevant international organisations and seek out opportunities for private sector engagement as a critical element of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ultimately, it is only through cooperation between members of the international community that the UAE believes poverty can be eliminated, thereby enabling those in need to live healthy, productive, and quality lives.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation