UAE participates in international conference on victims of racial, religious violence in Middle East.

The UAE participated in an international ministerial conference on the victims of racial and religious violence in the Middle East, which was held in Brussels, Belgium The Emirati delegation was headed by Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh, Minister of State.

The conference is a follow-up of the first conference, which was held in Paris in 2015, the general session of the United Nations, UN, Security Council in March 2015, and the second conference, held in Madrid in 2017.

The conference aims to preserve racial, ethnic and religious diversity in the Middle East and evaluate the procedures undertaken to achieve justice for victims and ensure their return to their homes, as well as to inform the international community about the issue of minorities in the Middle East, by providing a space for minority representatives to express their views about the situation in the region and the necessary measures to provide refugees with a safe and sustainable environment.

Nusseibeh delivered a speech that highlighted the UAE’s efforts, as part of the international alliance, to combat Daesh and its many international initiatives to combat extremism, through the establishment of the Hedaya and Sawab centres, as well as its humanitarian action to rebuild Iraq and support the Syrian people.

He also spoke of the importance of strengthening humanitarian values, while noting that Muslims are also victims of Daesh, and not only Christians and other minorities.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs