QOC Athletes Commission organizes Athlete 365 Career+ Outreach Workshop

DOHA, The Athletes Commission of the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has organized Athlete365 Career + Outreach Workshop at the Qatar Olympic Academy from February 23-24, 2020.

Career+ is a programme that empowers athletes to maximise their education and employment opportunities and helps them stride confidently into a dual or post-sports career. It supports athletes at all stages of their career, helping them discover their potential and plan for their life beyond the world of competitive sport through a blend of advice, training and peer-to-peer learning.

The former team Qatar swimmer and workshop lecturer Nada Arkaji said that the Career+ is an IOC Athletes’ Commission initiative and is delivered with The Adecco Group.

The training program featured the participation of 15 athletes who participated in Olympic Games. These workshops are used as the first step to create awareness and education about the athletes’ future transition to life after sport she added.

Launched in 2005, the ACP helps elite and Olympic athletes successfully manage the difficult transition from sport to a new career, through professional development and job placement support.

By 2014, the programme has supported more than 22,000 elite athletes from over 100 countries and five continents with training and job placements.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee