Abdulhadi al-Marri, Director of the Technical Office of the Permanent Population Committee at the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, presented the endeavors of Qatar towards promoting the participation of visually challenged women, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

This came during his participation in the first session held yesterday as part of the Third Doha International Blind Conference on the topic ‘Blind women are partners in building and development of society’, organized by the Arab Blind Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

Al-Marri pointed out that the number of institutions concerned with the persons with disabilities in the country reached 27 between centers, institutes and societies, offering their services to their registered members, namely 11,086 persons of whom 5,575 are Qataris (that is 50.3% of the total number of persons with disabilities) and 5,511 non-Qataris (that is 49.7%).

Within the same context, he mentioned that social empowerment of the visually challenged women means working to change the culture of the society towards this category and moving from the culture of marginalization to that of integration and positive, effective participation in the different activities and events of the humanitarian life.

Source: Government of Qatar