QOC organizes Kun Riyadi Program

DOHA, The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and Ministry of Education and Higher Education organized Play and Learn” Festival as a part of Kun Riyadi Program at Aspire Academy on Monday.

The event featured the participation of 600 students from 40 schools in a joyful and supportive environment.

Commenting from the end of year festival, Secretary General of the QOC, H.E. Jassim Al Buenain said, Kun Riyadi Program comes in light of the partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher education and sports federation to prepare a new generation of future champions. Our ambition is to continue introducing more children to more sports so that every school child in Qatar has the opportunity to participate and develop through sport. We thank all of our stakeholders and partners for their support in ensuring a successful start to the program and we look forward to watching it continue to grow and prosper over the years ahead.”

In a post event release on Monday, Mr. Nagi Al Amri, the Kun Riyadi program Director said the inaugural edition of program was launched last year, focusing on young kids whose ages ranged from pre-school education to seven years old across Qatar.

We are celebrating the second edition of the program in effort to develop multiple sport activities among young kids in their early ages” said Al Amri.

The program is an outcome of hardworking effort for years between sport federations, organizations and senior experts of sport development from Aspire Academy in collaboration with Qatar Olympic Committee and Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Around 200 students from 3 schools under the supervision of 30 coach had competed in three sports, including swimming, athletics and gymnastic at Aspire Academy pool on Monday.

Meanwhile 200 students (boys and girls) from 20 schools competed in athletics at the internal playground, and in another scene 48 students from 8 schools competed in the gymnastic.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee