The State of Qatar Welcomes Ceasefire Agreement in Libyan Capital Tripoli

The State of Qatar welcomed Thursday the ceasefire agreement reached in Libyan capital Tripoli, announced by the government of national accord.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed in a statement released today The State of Qatar’s relief that Tripoli returns to calm after bloody conflicts that killed and injured dozens, in addition to displacing thousands of innocent civilians over the past few weeks.

The statement expressed the State of Qatar’s hope that the agreement will play a part in bolstering national reconciliation efforts in Libya, and will rebuild the country based on the principles of democracy, respecting human rights, and the rule of law.

The statement renewed the State of Qatar’s support to the Skhirat agreement and called on all Libyan parties to pursue national reconciliation and hold on to dialogue without exclusion of any segment of the Libyan society, in order to reach a comprehensive political settlement that maintains the country’s unity and sovereignty, and also realize the aspiration of the people for security and stability.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs