MoFAIC, ADP urge public to take precautions during travelling season.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MoFAIC, and the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, urged the public to take precautions during the travelling season, as part of their “Safe Travels Campaign.”

The campaign aims to improve the public’s awareness about taking protective measures during their travels outside the country and includes advice and instructions for securing their homes before their summer vacations, to guarantee their safety and protect their money and possessions from theft and other crimes.

Rashid Ali Al Dhaheri, Director of the National Affairs Department at the MoFAIC, stressed the importance of highlighting the necessary instructions to UAE citizens and residents who wish to travel while introducing a travel warning list and its updates on the “National Affairs” page of the ministry’s official website (

He also called on people who wish to travel to register on the “Twajudi” service, and to register the elderly members and children of their families on the ministry’s official website or its smart application (“UAEMOFA”), to enable the ministry and its missions abroad to communicate with them in cases of emergencies and crises during their travels, as well as to offer them assistance.

Al Dhaheri highlighted the importance of securing passports and family books, not carrying them in markets, taking copies of them, and keeping them in a safe place that can be easily reached when needed, such as in an email account, to confirm their departure and return dates and the validity of their passports, which must not be less than six months.

He also urged travellers to respect the laws of their host countries and cooperate with official authorities upon their arrival, as well as to abide by all safety procedures in airports and while going through security scanners.

He called on travellers to avoid visiting countries with security issues and follow travel warnings before determining their destination and choosing their appropriate accommodation, to ensure their security and safety and to avoid sub-standard accommodation.

Colonel Mohammed Ali Al Muhairi, Director of the Security Media Administration at the Command Affairs Sector, highlighted the importance of following security precautions, raising the security awareness of individuals, and promoting community partnerships to protect possessions, through advising the public and launching awareness campaigns.

Al Muhairi explained that the ADP is spreading awareness and advice to the general public, through print, visual and audio media, as well as social media, in Arabic, English and Hindi.

Al Muhairi urged community members to cooperate with the ADP, by passing on security information to its Aman phone service on “8002626,” or by SMS to “2828,” or the “999” emergency number, or by communicating directly with the MoFAIC or the UAE’s mission on the number, “0097180044444.”

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs