Models of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on display in 19 UAE embassies.

Models of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are now on display at a number of UAE embassies and cultural centres around the globe in yet a new visible manifestation of the culture of inclusion, tolerance and inter-faith dialogue instilled by the Founding Father and adopted by the UAE with different world nations and peoples.

The initiative of displaying models of the mosque across a number of the country’s embassies has been launched by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in order to promote the country’s commitment to cultural pluralism and diversity, a policy, the foundation stone of which was laid by late Sheikh Zayed.

Models of the landmark mosque are now on display in 19 UAE embassies and cultural foundations around the globe as part of the initiative.

Within this context, a delegation of government and faith leaders from the United Arab Emirates presented Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the United States, with a model of the mosque, recently, to display it at the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC.

“As we celebrate the Year of Zayed in 2018, it is an honor for the Embassy to display this inspiring testament to Sheikh Zayed’s legacy. I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all those behind the initiative which helps promote the shared principles of tolerance and inclusion cultivated by the Founding Father and adopted by the UAE,” said Ambassador Al Otaiba.

“The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque reflects the UAE’s commitment to the spirit of diversity in culture, thought and civilisation that Sheikh Zayed valued,” said Dr. Yousif Al Obaidli, Director-General of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre.

“The initiative adds to the efforts made to reflect and immortalise the principles valued by the Founding Father, which he inspired from the moderate teachings of Islam, a religion that calls for inculcating the concepts of peaceful co-existence, tolerance, and cultural pluralism.”

Under the directives of the country’s wise leadership, the Centre seeks to support the concepts of moderation and tolerance ingrained in the UAE’s DNA by hosting and launching a series of initiatives that fostering interfaith dialogue, inclusion and cultural diversity, added Al Obaidli.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs