Iyad Allawi: Al-Kadhimi will not ask America to leave Iraq … and they will not leave

Baghdad Head of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi confirmed that he had information about the tension in relations with America and even with Iran, indicating that the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to Washington will witness loud sessions and they will ask him about many things, but America will not leave Iraq and has built the enormous Assad base that matches Al Udeid base in Qatar.

Allawi said in a press statement, “my information is that things (Iraq’s relationship) with America and other than America are tense, and even with Iran, because the stick cannot be held in the middle, as the problem with America has branched out and the problem with Iran is beginning to branch out as well.”

He continued, “America is asking him (Al-Kadhimi) positions and he cannot, and he will be exposed to a problem, for example, he will be asked in America (Why is the trade balance of payments heavily tilted in favor of Iran and not in favor of Iraq?) And also (Why does Iran export up to 7 billion dollars to Iraq while?” It exports up to 70 million?). Also, the US forces have been subjected to strikes since Al-Kadhimi was head of the intelligence apparatus, and those targeting intensified when he became Prime Minister. ”

He added, “There will be meetings in which there will be noisy and not comfortable, and Al-Kadhimi will not be able to ask the Americans to leave the country because the situation is raging in the region and there is an arena in Iraq (for terrorism), not in Iraq, but in the whole world, but Iraq is a primary line of defense. The Americans and others say we will not go out, and Ain al-Assad’s base in the field has become an enormous base (indicating their survival).

Iyad Allawi added, “Had it not been for the coalition warplanes destroyed ISIS, the terrorist organization has taken half of Iraq. It needs Washington to stand with it against ISIS, so how can he demand them to leave?” And he needs Iran and cannot ask them to leave, just as he fears that he will break Turkey (after its incursion to the north of the country).

Allawi noted that the political situation and others were imposed on Al-Kadhimi, and he was asked to rely on the unions and demonstrators, not to rely on Parliament.

Al-Kadhimi began an official visit to Washington today at a special invitation from the White House, while a high-ranking ministerial delegation went to the United States since Tuesday.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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