Katara Hosts Cultural, Entertainment Programs during Eid Al Adha

Doha: Activities of the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara on the occasion of Eid Al Adha kicked off on Sunday, featuring a variety of artistic, cultural and entertainment performances.

The art workshops attracted a large group of children, during which they enjoyed drawing, coloring, paper making, postage stamps, origami, butterfly making, flower making and other workshops that were held along the Katara Corniche.

The “Garden of Dreams” play also attracted the attention of the audience. The performance highlights the importance of preserving water resources and the beauty hidden in the depths of man and nature.

On the Katara Corniche, folk groups presented their distinctive performances that reflect the artistic and cultural heritage of a number of countries from Asia and Africa, including China, Syria, Morocco and Jordan.

Several visual artists also presented live drawings in front of the audience to capture the atmosphere and joy of the Eid. Eid stalls were distributed in the inner courtyard of the o
pen-air theatre, offering a variety of products, including handmade products, souvenirs, and popular foods.

Fans of astronomical will enjoy shows of a number of 3D films at the Thuraya Astronomical Dom on Monday.

Source: Qatar News Agency