Honoring Al-Lami with the Pioneers Award at the level of the Arab world in appreciation of his distinguished efforts in leading the Journalists Syndicate in Iraq and his presidency of the Union of Arab Journalists

Baghdad, The Supreme Council for the Regulation of Egyptian Media, headed by writer Karam Gabr, awarded today, in the presence of Arab Ministers of information, in its meeting held in Cairo, and in a great celebration, with the participation of senior Egyptian writers and journalists.. The head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Head of the Arab Journalists Union, Moayad Al-Lami, in appreciation of his distinguished efforts in Leadership of the Journalists Syndicate in Iraq and his presidency of the Union of Arab Journalists.


Ten senior writers and Arab scholars were also honored within the Pioneers Award in the Arab World, they are Abdullah Al-Baqali from Morocco, Issa Al-Shayji from Bahrain, Dr. Mohammed Al-Araimi from Oman, Mohammed Al-Hammadi from the United Arab Emirates, and Sadiq Mohammed Al-Amari from Qatar, Khalid bin Hamad Al-Malik from Saudi Arabia and Mohammed Hassan Suleiman Al-Dawdiyah from Jordan, Youssef Maroun Al-Qusifi from Lebanon, Muhammad Salmawy from Egypt and Nabil Amro from Palestine.


This honor, which came on the sidelines of the meeting of Arab Ministers of Information held in Cairo, is in appreciation of the efforts made by the Arab Journalists Syndicates, led by the Union of Arab Journalists, in supporting all efforts aimed at advancing the Arab press, in appreciation of their prominent role, and their sincere efforts in supporting the march of journalistic work in the Arab world, and their active role in serving the issues of the Arab world, in recognition of their efforts, giving and history in strengthening the role of the press, and in order to establish the value of work.


During the honoring, the honorees praised the role played by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Media in supporting Arab ties and raising the value of the word. In light of the challenges facing the media in the Arab countries and the great technological changes in the belief in their role in building societies, as well as the role of the press in spreading awareness and their leading role in supporting the press, and despite the great challenges imposed by the “Covid-19” pandemic on the Arab region and the entire world, and their efforts in these exceptional times that require more effort and creativity to cross this stage with all the challenges it bears.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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