UAE medics save Yemeni woman injured in Houthi attack.

The UAE’s Advanced Surgical Team, part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition on the Red Sea Coast of Yemen, has saved the life of a Yemeni woman who was injured, with multiple fractures of the left jaw, facial deformities, deep wounds to the chest and shrapnel in the body, as a result of a mortar attack on her house by Houthi militias loyal to Iran in the Al Tuhayta District in Hodeidah Governorate.

In a quick response, due to her critical medical condition, the UAE has paid the expenses of the medical treatment of the 30-year-old woman, Fukairah Saeed, at one of its hospitals. The gesture is part of the UAE’s continued humanitarian initiatives to support the fraternal people of Yemen to address their dire living conditions.

The indiscriminate shelling by the Houthis of civilian houses in Tuhayta comes in the wake of successive defeats in Hodeidah and avenging those Yemeni citizens who rejected the Houthi militia occupation. This is in the context of repeated violations of human rights, regulations, charters and international laws that criminalise the targeting of safe civilians and their facilities.

The Emirates News Agency, WAM, has accompanied the UAE’s Advanced Surgical Team on the field, while examining the medical condition of Fukairah and observing, as the necessary medical treatment was provided, and her transfer by air to the UAE to complete the treatment, in addition to providing psychological rehabilitation.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Zaabi, a doctor with the UAE Advanced Surgical Team, said that after the removal of all shrapnel from her body and stabilising her condition, a medical evacuation occurred to complete the treatment and psychological rehabilitation in one of the UAE hospitals.

The family of the patient thanked the UAE for their quick response in saving her life.

The Houthi’s targeting of civilians with mortar shells is a display of the great hostility shown to the Yemeni people and reveals the ugly face of the militia’s coup in Yemen, whose members do not value the lives of human beings and execute foreign agendas of countries that do not want the best for Yemen or its people.

Recently, the Houthi militias attacked the Al-Thawrah Hospital and fish market in Hodeidah with mortar shells, resulting in deaths and injuries.

Meanwhile, the UAE is providing medical treatment for many Yemeni patients in its hospitals, as the country’s health sector suffers due to poor medical facilities and a lack of health staff, due to the continuous violations of Houthi militias who target the facilities.

The UAE is sending medical convoys, as part of the attention of the country’s wise leadership for the Yemenis, to alleviate their suffering and improve their humanitarian conditions in the face of the fighting being waged by the rebels.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs