UAE Embassy organises discussion on Human Fraternity Document in Lebanon.

The UAE Embassy in Beirut, in cooperation with the Marian Apostolic Movement, organised a discussion on the Human Fraternity Document, held during a summer camp hosted by the movement at the Monastery of Christ the Redeemer in Zahle, Lebanon.

Fahad Al Kaabi, Acting Charge D’Affaires at the UAE Embassy, participated in the discussion, which involved the camp’s students, in the presence of Archbishop Guy Boulos Najim, General Counsellor at the Movement, and Joel Feghali Kamid, Camp Official.

In his speech, Al Kaabi said that the document is not limited to one religion or sect, as it is a global declaration for all human beings that urges them to collaborate, reject hatred and create a brighter future together.

He added that the document fundamentally rejects extremism and discrimination, and aims to promote a culture of dialogue and joint action while noting that the UAE has promoted peace and compassion around the world.

The document is the outcome of the UAE’s efforts, which led to its signing by Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, and Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Mosque, he further added.

Archbishop Najim thanked the UAE for its initiative that led to the signing of the document, which is the first of its kind in human history, confirming the country’s role in promoting coexistence among humanity.

Kamid explained the role and activities of the movement, as well as the work of the camp to ingrain important values among its students.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs