Traffic law Enforced on Trailers and Caravans

Colonel Mohamed Radhi Al Hajri, Director of the Awareness and Information Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, revealed that a full one-year period has been given to register locally manufactured caravans. Al Hajri also highlighted that during the registration period, those overlooking the process will stamp the given registration number on each of the vehicles chassis, whilst in the allocated camping area.

Al Hajri said that the General Directorate of Traffic has set special specifications for the registration of caravans and trailers, and will be violating all those who do not abide by the suspension of the vehicle or trailer, and that owners must transfer caravans on adequate flat-back trailers, in addition to violations that will be issued due to non-registration.

He pointed out that the law will be applied to caravans and motorcycles effective today with regards to the registration of the vehicles, and if any vehicle is intercepted on the road without valid registration, the owner will be violated and fined. Al Hajri added that the General Directorate of Traffic aims to record the registration of caravans and trailers to maintain the safety of road users as well as preserve property rights.

He stressed that the camping season is witnessing traffic jams in several parts of the country, and called on motorists to take all security and safety measures to maintain their safety and the safety of road users.

Source: Government of Qatar