The Conclusion of the “Prepared Lion” Exercise in Jordan with the participation of Iraq

Amman, With the participation of Iraq, the activities of the prepared lion exercise 2019 was concluded today with a tactical exercise carried out by elected units of the Jordanian Armed Forces and the US Army, with the participation of the Saudi and Qatari armed forces in one of the training fields reserved for the Jordanian army.

Spokesman of the Exercise Brigadier General Mohammad Al-Thalji said the exercise simulated conventional and non-conventional military operations in modern warfare, joint training in cyber security, information operations, crisis management, counterterrorism and extremism operations, evacuation of non-combatants and diplomatic missions from conflict centers, and training in stabilization operations, and how to restore the local authority of the state, and focus on the important role of the media in military operations.

The exercise, conducted by ground and air forces from various military sectors, included light and medium weapons, artillery, launchers and strategic bombardments, as well as dealing with minefields, reconnaissance and combat operations in built-up areas, and a number of military activities demonstrating individual and group skills.

It is noteworthy that Iraq participated in the prepared lion exercise 2019 along with 28 countries: the United States, Australia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Italy, Cyprus, Bahrain, Qatar, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Spain, UAE, Britain, Tajikistan, Norway, in addition to various types of Jordanian Armed Forces, land, sea, air and special forces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency