Qatar welcomes the signing of the peace agreement between the United States of America and Taliban

The State of Qatar welcomes the Bringing Peace to Afghanistan agreement between the United States and Taliban, and considers it an important step towards a comprehensive and sustainable peace process in Afghanistan.

The State of Qatar highly values the efforts of President Donald Trump and the US administration to make the negotiations a success, and also commends the commitment of the US and Taliban to conclude the talks with this historic peace agreement.

For the peace process to succeed, Qatar believes that it must include all sects of Afghani society, hoping that this inclusive dialogue will ensure a prosperous future for the friendly people of Afghanistan.

While it can be easy to start wars and crises, it is difficult to engage in a constructive diplomacy. This is why Qatar considers this agreement as an important milestone and an example for the world, which shows that settling conflicts through peaceful means is not only possible but also successful.

The State of Qatar confirms that it will not spare any effort to continue its effective participation in all the international and regional efforts to achieve comprehensive and sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs