Qatar Expresses Its Desire To Open A Consulate In Erbil And Encourage Its Private Sector To Invest In The Region

Baghdad, Qatar expressed its desire to open a consulate in Erbil and encourage its private sector to invest in the region.

A statement by the presidency of the Kurdistan region said: “The President Nechirvan Barzani met in Erbil with the Qatari Ambassador Khalid Hamad al-Sulaiti and his accompanying delegation.”

The President of the Kurdistan region stressed that: “The region is ready for foreign investment and provides all facilities to Qatari investors to involve them in the development process,” expressing the desire of the Kurdistan region to build stronger relations with Qatar.

The President of the region highlighted the relations of Erbil – Baghdad and the dialogue that aims to solve problems between the two parties, and the political and economic situation of the Kurdistan region and Iraq in general, and the conditions of displaced persons and refugees in the region.

For his part, the Ambassador of Qatar conveyed the greetings of the leadership of the State of Qatar to the President of the Kurdistan Region, affirming his country’s desire to strengthen relations with the region. And to achieve this goal, he expressed the intention to open a Qatari consulate in Erbil and to encourage the private sector and Qatari capitalists to invest and operate their capital in the Kurdistan Region.. “

Source: National Iraqi News Agency