DOHA, The Qatar Minister of Energy and Industry, Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, said all energy companies in Qatar have been able to adapt their efforts to overcome the effects of the siege.

The siege did not weaken their operations but rather strengthened their innovation, he added.

During the 18th annual meeting for the Qatarization of energy and industry sector companies, he highlighted the importance of focusing on technical capacity development, including vocational education, as they form the backbone of the sector.

This has not weakened our businesses, but has rather enhanced its innovative capabilities, said the Minister. He called on companies to be more innovative in their efforts to attract, develop and benefit from experienced Qataris who enjoy qualification and technical training.

Qatar Petroleum President and CEO Eng. Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi attended the meeting along with a number of senior executives and representatives from 35 companies participating in the Qatarization strategic plan for the energy and industry sector, in addition to a number of senior officials from educational institutions in Qatar.

Source: Nam News Network