Bahrain sends letters to UN Security Council, Secretary-General to refute Qatar’s false claims

New York, Bahrain has affirmed that Qatar’s false claims that four Bahraini fighter jets violated Qatar’s airspace on Wednesday December 9, 2020, are “baseless, unfortunate and unrelated to facts.”


Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York Jamal Faris Al Ruwaie affirmed in a letter sent to both Jerry Matthews Matjila, Security Council President for the month, and South Africa’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres that the invalid allegations are unfortunately part of the continuous and escalating distortion practiced by Qatar in order to undermine stability and security, thus increasing regional tensions.


The letter added that such practices reflect a lack of credibility and that they are contradictory and inconsistent with the principle of good neighborliness stipulated in international conventions to which Qatar claims that it adheres.


The letter also noted the statement issued by Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 24 that stated that on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, a joint military drill involving two F-16 aircraft from the Royal Bahraini Air Force and two from the US Air Force in the designated military exercise area in the airspace of Saudi Arabia, as part of a joint military exercise between the two countries.


It added that towards the end of the exercise and precisely at 3:50 pm (Bahrain time), the four planes headed together towards Bahrain, crossing Saudi Arabia’s airspace eastward to land at Isa Air Base, the exit route from the drill area towards Bahrain’s airspace.


The four aircraft did not enter Qatar’s airspace as the Royal Bahraini Air Force is careful to ensure that it does not cross the borders of other countries.


The letter stated that Qatar should instead take note of its continued provocative and hostile behavior, its sponsorship of terrorism and its interference in the internal affairs of neighboring countries, all of which constitute a threat to international peace and security.


The letter appealed to the United Nations to take the necessary measures to encourage an end to Qatar’s hostile practices and to urge it to respect the UN Charter and deal in good faith with the norms and rules of international law.


Bahrain stressed that despite Qatar’s false allegations and accusations to divert the international community’s attention from its regrettable behavior, the Kingdom, based on its deep commitment to the UN Charter, will continue to strive for peaceful solutions in accordance with the international conventions and norms as well as with the principles of good neighborliness and in line with its keenness on the safety and stability of the region.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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