QU Announces the Commencement of Admission Applications for 41 graduate degree programs

The Department of Admissions and Registration at Qatar University (QU) announced the start date for the submission of registration for graduate degree program for Fall 2019, from Sunday, 2 December 2018 to Sunday 10 March 2019. All applications for admission will be accepted by students who meet the required academic qualifications, in accordance with the admission requirements of each program.

On the terms and conditions of admission, Ms. Nouf Al Kuwari, Assistant Vice President for Admission and Registration, said that the requirements for admission to a graduate degree programs at QU based on competitiveness. Applicants must ensure that they meet all admission requirements according to their intended program type, and to submit the application and all required documents, according to graduate degree admission dates.

Al Kuwari explained that the number of programs available for submission in the graduate degree are 41 programs, including: 8 PhD program, 27 Master’s Degree programs, 3 Diploma Degree programs, PharmD Degree program, and Professional Master’s Degree program.

Source: Government of Qatar