Qatar Renews Call to Uproot Phenomenon of Asylum and Migration in the World

The State of Qatar has renewed its call for eradicating the phenomenon of asylum and migration in the world by addressing its root causes through achieving stability in conflict areas, resolving conflicts and promoting development projects.

This came in Qatar’s statement delivered by HE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi before the EU-Arab World Summit “Shared Horizons” in Athens Monday.

HE Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi said that working on resolving disputes and conflicts achieves stability, preserves the dignity of refugees and migrants, and reduces the risks of their transient and long-distance flow.

HE Al Muraikhi highlighted the success of the State of Qatar in settling disputes and national and regional disputes between the parties in more than one country by peaceful means through “mediation diplomacy”. He noted that the State of Qatar launched many initiatives to contribute to the development process and emergency relief under the umbrella of the United Nations, which he believed contributed to reducing the flow of refugees and migrants and mitigating the effects of this phenomenon and its consequences in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

He stressed the urgent need for Arab and European efforts to unite to overcome the challenges that hinder stability and security, especially political disputes and armed conflicts in the Middle East, in particular the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the armed conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

He also stressed the need for dialogue to resolve conflicts, noting that dialogue should not be directed only at the rejection of differences and convergence of views, but a noble mean for constructive cooperation in the face of the severe problems facing this world. Dialogue is not only important, it is inevitable to face the dangers of pollution, climate change, water shortages, desertification and other challenges.

HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said that the State of Qatar appreciates the continuation of the organization of this summit, which provides an important platform for political dialogue and cooperation between the Arab and European worlds, noting that the theme of the summit “Shared Horizon” bears important significance, as the minimum common horizon between Europe and the Arab world is based on a long and deep-rooted history, and involves a huge legacy of cultural overlap, cultural interaction and trade exchange.

Based on this perspective, HE said that the common horizons between Europe and the Arab world must be based on the basis of human assets and the inevitability of the common destiny of the Arab and European worlds. The event in the Arab world is no longer confined to its geographical and cultural path, it crosses the border carrying its results and impacts even faster than we expect and more than we imagine to its surroundings.

HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said that the formation of a strong and effective partnership between the European Union and the Arab world is justified by the realities of globalization and common interests and the requirements of international influence and current challenges in today’s world.

He said that if the patterns of political and economic cooperation between the Arab and European worlds are constantly evolving, which calls for confidence in the efficiency of institutional ties and the ability of interrelated interests to strengthen this regional cohesion, the “Shared Horizon” – the slogan of the summit – is imperative to find new ways to cooperate and build partnerships and to develop mechanisms of institutional interaction and joint methodological work in a binding and effective legislative environment so that the “Shared Horizon” can be shared with reality and address the common destiny of the Arab and European peoples to achieve the desired results.

He added that the way to achieve cooperation and success must be based on the balance of interests, based on policies that seek stability and peace-building, and must fulfill the moral duty to areas of conflicts. History tells us that the conditions for stability and peace in the world are directly related to the space of the Arab world and Europe.

He reiterated Qatar’s call at the first summit in November 2016 for the need to build partnerships and create joint mechanisms, stressing that this requires the enactment of legislation and laws that guarantee the protection and insurance of investments and partnerships between all parties.

He said that the legislations should be dedicated to combating corruption and establishing transparency, and they must be committed to fulfilling the duties and obligations of both the state on which the investment is made and the investor whether individuals, companies or countries. Legislation and compliance by States are the primary guarantors of the expansion and realization of the “Shared Horizon”, the cornerstone of partnerships and their continuation as a common and institutionalized process.

On the other hand, HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs stressed the keenness of the State of Qatar on strengthening its relations with the Republic of Greece and on expanding the horizons of cooperation in various fields, especially economic, investment, political and others, as well as the cooperation on issues of mutual concern to serve the interests of the two countries.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs