‘Pope’s visit reflects prominent position of UAE’, says UAE Deputy Ambassador in Italy.

Ahmed Al Mulla, UAE Deputy Ambassador to Italy, has said that the historical visit of Pope Francis to the UAE reflects the country’s prominent global position.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, prior to the Pope’s visit to the country, Al Mulla said that Italians and the Catholic Church are looking to the UAE with admiration, as a country of friendship and peace, which was founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan on the foundations of mutual respect to all peoples. He added that the UAE’s leadership continued this bright journey, as it has always remained open to friendship and cooperation, and establishing fruitful relations with the countries of the world, strengthening ties of friendship with them and reinforcing joint cooperation in all areas, to present to the world a model to follow in coexistence and tolerance, building joint strategic partnerships to achieve peace and stability in the world.

He highlighted that the entire Italian community is attentively following this visit, as they consider the UAE a bright modern model, with its distinguished policies that results in it occupying a prominent position in the Arab and Islamic World, as well as the international community.

He went on to say that the UAE has always been keen to reinforce ties of tolerance and peace in its relations with other countries, including Italy and the Vatican, through reinforcing foundations of mutual respect based upon the values of the late Sheikh Zayed that represent the basis of the UAE’s foreign policy.

Ahmed Al Mulla noted that the UAE became a model to follow for all the countries of the world in diplomatic and human friendships, as well as in the reinforcement of the foundations of peace and stability.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs