The Labor Dispute Resolution Committees start its work today, given that Law No.13 of 2017 has come into effect with the amendments of some of the provisions of the Labor Law No.14 of 2004.

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) and the Supreme Judicial Council have stressed that no new labor cases will be accepted by the courts starting today. All labor disputes will be rather received through MADLSA Labor Relations Department at Al Huda Tower, Dafna; MADLSA Office at the Industrial Area; MADLSA Office in Al Khor, and MADLSA headquarters in Dafna, 29th floor, for the Qataris working in the private sector.

According to the new Committees’ workflow, if there is any dispute between the employee and employer, the employee should go to MADLSA where there is an office for judges and court staff who will be constantly looking into labor disputes. Upon receiving the dispute case, the Ministry will transfer it to the Labor Dispute Resolution Committee within seven days, and the case gets resolved within a month maximum from the date the case has been transferred. This Committee is dedicated for employees and domestic workers.

Source: Government of Qatar