Clé De Peau Beauté Reaffirms Their Commitment to Furthering Girls’ Education in The New Normal

Honoring two exceptional women who have made incredible contributions to the advancement of girls’ education through the second annual ‘Power of Radiance Awards’

TOKYO, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As the world adapts to a new normal, education stands at a crossroads. With global lockdowns and school closures impacting education opportunities for children around the world, Clé de Peau Beauté, the luxury skincare and makeup brand, is reaffirming its commitment to advocating for girls’ education through the 2020 ‘Power of Radiance Awards’, honoring inspirational women who have made extraordinary contributions to bettering the lives of girls through education. Launched in March 2019, the ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ is part of Clé de Peau Beauté’s long-term philanthropic commitment to advocating for girls’ education and empowerment. This year, the brand recognizes the remarkable achievements of Binita Shrestha and Pratiksha Pandey, two outstanding individuals from Nepal who have made extraordinary contributions to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for girls in Nepal through their organization, Women in STEM Nepal (WiSTEM Nepal).

From L-R:Yukari Suzuki, Chief Brand Officer of Clé de Peau Beauté; Chiaki Horan, TV Personality and Actress; Toni Garrn, Humanitarian, Model and Actress; Pratiksha Pandey, 2020 ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ Recipient; Binita Shrestha, 2020 ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ Recipient; Chriselle Lim, Entrepreneur and Digital Content Creator; Fionnghuala O’Reilly, Model, Beauty Pageant Titleholder, NASA Datanaut and Director of Space Apps DC; Mizuki Hashimoto, Deputy Chief Brand Officer of Clé de Peau Beauté

At the peak of the pandemic, over 90% of the world’s student population experienced disruptions to their education*. The educational needs of vulnerable communities, such as girls, were further marginalized due to limited access and knowledge of technology. In order to build a more equitable future for all girls and drive a positive long-term impact on their lives and their communities, STEM education needs to be seen as a priority. STEM education can empower girls to access skills that help secure jobs of the future, which in turn improves financial agency and self-sufficiency.

At a time when the world is socially distanced, Clé de Peau Beauté recognizes the need to connect people and ideas that transcend culture and geographies. Through the ‘Power of Radiance Awards’, Clé de Peau Beauté seeks to remove education barriers brought about by the pandemic, which have negatively impacted learning continuity, in order to make education a right for every child. In line with global social distancing measures, the second annual ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ was held virtually this year. The event celebrated the incredible achievements of Ms. Shrestha, Ms. Pandey and other exceptional women from around the world who continue to champion for girls’ education during these challenging times. It also featured their perspectives on the importance of ensuring education continuity in the new normal. Ms. Shrestha and Ms. Pandey were joined by Humanitarian, Model and Actress Toni Garrn; Entrepreneur and Digital Content Creator Chriselle Lim; Model, Beauty Pageant Titleholder, NASA Datanaut and Director of Space Apps DC Fionnghuala O’Reilly; as well as TV Personality and Actress Chiaki Horan. The virtual program also featured a panel discussion between the six women, which focused on the importance of developing meaningful solutions to inspiring the next generation of girls through education and STEM subjects. To conclude the virtual event, videos of young girls sharing their dreams and aspirations for the future were also broadcasted to leave a legacy of hope for generations to come.

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“I believe that STEM education is a required skillset of the 21st century,” said Ms. Shrestha. “Through STEM subjects, girls can access endless possibilities for employment, establish greater independence, and forge better connections with their communities and the world around them. Thanks to Clé de Peau Beauté’s ‘Power of Radiance Awards’, we are now one step closer to bringing about change in the education system in Nepal and shattering STEM gender stereotypes.”

“Clé de Peau Beauté’s ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ has provided us with an amazing opportunity to continue our pursuit of empowering girls and women in Nepal,” said Ms. Pandey. “When we first started WiSTEM Nepal, we had limited access, outreach and financial means. The Award grant has been instrumental in supporting our initiatives to provide STEM education for underprivileged and rural girls in Nepal.”

“At Clé de Peau Beauté, we believe that the key to a better world is to unlock the potential of girls through education. The ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ celebrates the power of individuals who have taken action to drive positive change in their communities through education. By shining the light on the radiance of Binita Shrestha and Pratiksha Pandey, we hope to inspire others to join us in empowering future generations of girls through STEM education, so that they too can pave the way for a more radiant society that is equal and fair,” said Ms. Yukari Suzuki, Chief Brand Officer of Clé de Peau Beauté.

The ‘Power of Radiance Awards’ program grant will be funded from global sales Clé de Peau Beauté’s The Serum.

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*Information source: UNESCO
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About Binita Shrestha

Binita Shrestha is an IT Engineer, an Educator, and a Social Entrepreneur. For the past 5 years, she and the team have been pioneering the momentum of breaking existing stereotypes of the society about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) and computing careers for adolescent girls in Nepal by leading various STEAM literacy programs to reduce the noticeable gender gap. Inclining with the cause, she has overseen several successful tech philanthropic ventures, including a partnership between WiSTEM Nepal, UNICEF, and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

About Pratiksha Pandey

Pratiksha Pandey is an electronics and communication engineer. She has devoted her career to shattering gender stereotypes and encouraging women to sit at the front of the classroom and proudly pursue their passions for learning and knowledge. As Director of WiSTEM Nepal, Ms. Pandey conducts coding, electronics and design workshops that help inspire the next generation of girls to pursue STEM careers. She is also working as a mentor for the 1000 girls,1000 futures program by The New York Academy of Sciences.

About Toni Garrn

An international model, humanitarian, and a well-recognized face with Clé de Peau Beauté, Toni Garrn is also the ambassador for Plan International’s global “Girls Get Equal” campaign, an international movement that aims to promote the rights of girls.

About Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is one of the world’s most successful content creators and digital mega-stars. Creator of the Chriselle Factor, she is an inspirational role model for women everywhere juggling busy lives. Founder of BÜMO, a digital and physical community, created to make the lives of busy parents a bit easier, her incredible work ethic, personal drive and talent epitomize the endless possibilities for girls everywhere.

About Fionnghuala O’Reilly

Fionnghuala O’Reilly is a woman who captures the essence of the power of STEM education, and the endless possibilities it can offer to women. She is a graduate of George Washington University and an Engineer. Working in the largely male-dominated engineering industry, she has made it her mission to demonstrate, through her achievements, how women can break through glass ceilings. Just last year, she launched #ReachForTheStars, a hugely successful social media campaign that spotlights women and diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

About Chiaki Horan

Tokyo-born and raised Chiaki Horan has become an important figure of Japanese media, being both a TV personality and actress. Her international upbringing, being born from an Irish father and Japanese mother, has led her to develop an interest in western culture, leading her to study English Literature at the well-known Aoyama-Gakuin University, in Tokyo where she was prized for her diligent studies. An outspoken media figure, she has become a regular on the commercial television news TBS, (Tokyo Broadcasting Television) presenting a variety of topics, from Politics to Cultural events and is an inspiration for young girls to show to develop their critical thinking.

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