Qatar Warns of Severe Humanitarian Consequences of Attack on Idlib

The State of Qatar has warned of the severe humanitarian consequences of the attack on Idlib, northwestern Syria.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the State of Qatar is following with great concern the escalation of events in and around the city of Idlib, towards a military escalation that threatens by an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the 21st century.

The statement added that the State of Qatar joins the countries that have warned of the consequences of this attack, of which the first victim will be innocent civilians, especially women, children and the elderly, who have nothing to do with the conflict between the warring parties in Syria. It noted that the moral and humanitarian duty requires the international community and the forces of war in Syria to move to stop this disastrous attack before it is too late.

The statement said : “If this abhorrent attack threatens the lives of thousands of innocent people and destroys thousands of families, the consequences of it will last for years, and containing of the consequences of this expected disaster would not be possible in light of the devastation that has occurred in all areas of Syria and the inability of the international community, besides the Syrian regime ongoing hostile policies against its people.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs