Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) marked its 40th anniversary with a celebration at the Katara Cultural Village, in the presence of officials, dignitaries, businesspersons and international guests from various related organisations.

QRC chairman, Dr Mohamed bin Ghanim Al-Ali al-Maadheed welcomed those present and thanked all those who have participated in the great achievements and success achieved by QRC in humanitarian relief, inside and outside the country, over the past 40 years.

He pointed out that QRC has grown considerably over the years with around eight million people benefiting from various key humanitarian and relief services in 2017, with almost one million people in Qatar through QRC health centres that target workers and seven million around the world in various conflict and disaster-hit areas.

He said, QRC has almost 800 staff members inside Qatar and more than 1,000 internationally. The money spent by QRC on humanitarian relief efforts, to help those in urgent need for key services, such as health, education and food, amounted to almost $1.5 billion recently.

QRC secretary general, Ali bin Hassan al-Hammadi, expressed pride in its partners for their constant support that helped the expansion of its humanitarian relief operations, in addition to the support of the government of Qatar and its wise leadership.

He pointed out that QRC has been recognised worldwide for its efficiency and professionalism in delivering timely humanitarian relief, in the various areas of conflict and natural disasters around the world, covering projects such as healthcare, food, agriculture and production, housing and education, to guarantee dignified living standards for millions of people in different parts of the world in their difficult times.

This is made possible through the collaborative efforts of QRC members, partners, volunteers and donors alike.

The international guests included Turkish Red Crescent president, Dr Kerem Kinik, Kenya Red Cross secretary general, Abbas Gullet and senior humanitarian officials from Kuwait, Lebanon, the UN, as well as, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

QRC honoured a number of government officials, donors, volunteers, supporting organisations and companies, in addition to a number of Qatari businessmen for their distinguished contributions throughout the year.

Prominent Qatari businessman, Hussein Ibrahim Alfardan, chairman of Alfardan Group, was honoured at the event for his contributions and support of QRC efforts, in particular that he was a member of the first-ever board of directors of QRC.

Source: NAM News Network