Project to Determine Fees for Private Schools and Universities

Dr. Turki Al Mahmoud, Director of Planning and Quality Department, at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), revealed that the Ministry is studying a project to determine the fees of private schools in accordance with the interest of the investor and the student, according to a comprehensive study on the fees and comparing them with the quality of the services provided.

Dr. Turki also highlighted that an additional project related to licensing and monitoring the quality of high education institutions is in place, to set standards for the supervision of universities and their performance, as well as to monitor and control university fees.

He added that the next two years would witness the re-operation and construction of 18 schools spread across several regions of the country, to provide additional seats for students, especially in places where there is a shortage of schools or population congestion.

He also pointed out that MOEHE has completely implemented special clauses and articles related to the regulation of the Higher Education, which will ensure an increase in the quality of education.

Source: Government of Qatar