The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has recently commenced a series of interactive road shows introducing the National Health Strategy (NHS) 2018-2022 to the health sector. The NHS 2018-2022 was officially launched on March 24 during the Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

The first session at MoPH headquarters introduced the 12 priority areas of the NHS, and the roles of the 12 NHS leads, who were newly appointed by the Minister of Public Health to drive the strategy implementation.

Dr Salih al-Marri, Assistant Minister for Health Affairs at MoPH, who is co-presenting at the road shows said, Before we can deliver the five-year programme, we must equip staff to understand the NHS principles, the seven Priority Population Groups and the thinking behind these.

This is an ambitious strategy, which will ensure Qatar’s population stays healthier and places the patient at the centre of a more integrated health system and model of care, he added.

Source: Government of Qatar