The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) announced the new list of universities approved for the Amiri Scholarship Programme.

Director of the Higher Education Institute, Dr Khalid al-Hurr, said the announcement aims to encourage Qataris to enroll at top-ranked universities in the world, paid for by the country, to get the best education and contribute to the national economy after graduation.

On adding new universities and eliminating others, Dr al-Hurr said the old list was prepared and announced in September 2011, according to the global university rankings at the time. Since then, he added, there have been changes in the rankings, prompting the ministry to update the list according to the latest rankings.

Dr al-Hurr further said that announcing the list at this time is the first step in marketing the Amiri Scholarship Programme; the ministry intends to hold awareness and informative campaigns in schools in the next academic year, in addition to organizing a university fair where universities and majors will be introduced as well as the available options for the programme and the conditions to attain it.

Source: Government of Qatar