Humaidan: (Labor Market Regulation) is committed to continuously facilitating its services and procedures

His Excellency the Minister of Labor and Social Development and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, Jamil bin Muhammad Ali Humaidan, affirmed the Authority’s commitment to continuously developing its services and procedures in implementation of the esteemed government directives related to developing services and procedures in a way that facilitates the work of auditors and reduces the time of completion while preserving To a high degree of accuracy.

This came during an inspection visit by Minister Humaidan, in the presence of Mr. Muhammad Yusef Al-Binfalah, CEO of Bahrain Airport Company, to the new branch of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority in the new passenger terminal at Bahrain International Airport, on Thursday, March 4.

Minister Humaidan praised the efforts made to establish the new passenger building as a prominent civilized façade for the Kingdom, adding that what increases pride and pride is the dependence of the airport – which is the first stop for those coming to the Kingdom, on national cadres, stressing that this reflects the level of confidence in the competence and discipline of citizens and their ability to Addressing various leadership, administrative and technical positions.

The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, indicated that the authority has worked to modernize its branch at Bahrain International Airport in an integrated manner in proportion to the large transfer of the airport in order to be able to serve the largest number of visitors in a short time, noting that the airport branch is one The most important branches of the authority, especially as it is the first meeting point for a migrant worker upon entering the Kingdom.

He pointed out that the airport branch, which operates around the clock, has been strengthened with trained personnel with a high degree of efficiency and skill, and the number of transaction processing platforms has been increased to 12 platforms, which contributes to raising the capacity, in addition to reducing the time for processing transactions to only 5 minutes for the traveler. The one including all transactions.

Humaidan confirmed that the authority’s branch at the airport provides a package of integrated services that start with the electronic collection of biological data (decimal fingerprints, face print and iris) for the expatriate worker in the commercial and domestic sectors as soon as he arrives in the Kingdom, in addition to collecting a recent photo of the worker and his signature, indicating the importance of this step. It provides more security and social protection that prevents the entry of any of the deported or banned workers from entering the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He added that, after completing the biological data collection, the Bahrain Airport branch issues a residence permit for the worker by electronic linking with the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs systems at the Ministry of Interior, and the issuance of the ID card through the electronic link with the Information and eGovernment Authority, in addition to issuing a medical examination appointment through one of the Accredited medical examination centers in the Kingdom within two days of entry, by electronically linking with the Ministry of Health systems.

He pointed out that as part of the awareness procedures for expatriate workers to know their rights and duties, the authority at the airport provides a free phone chip to the worker and activates it in cooperation with telecommunications companies and registers it in the LMRA database, indicating that once the chip is activated, a text message arrives to him indicating to him his rights and duties In a way that contributes to providing the necessary awareness to protect against falling victim to trafficking in persons, and the phone chip number is approved by the authority to inform the worker of any developments regarding his legal status through SMS, or to inform him of the awareness messages issued by the authority, in order to fulfill the obligations of the Kingdom of Bahrain towards human rights.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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