Qatar University (QU) Al-Bairaq program recently celebrated its distinctive achievements during Spring 2018.

In the end of the 4th cycle primary stage and 3rd cycle preparatory stage of I Am Discovering Materials program, Al-Bairaq attracted 414 male and female students from 19 different schools in Doha and other areas such as Al-Khor, Al-Shahaniya, Al-Wakrah and Rawdat Rashid. The participating students successfully achieved 107 innovative ideas and products in the field of material science.

Additionally, the Problem Solving program was reactivated this year with a new curriculum that suits the early stages of the 3rd and the 4th primary grades. The new curriculum was successfully designed within 6 months, which attracted 80 male and female students from different schools.

Several research projects conducted by Al-Bairaq students won 7 awards in the National Students Research Fair 10th cycle. The research project on Leidenfrost effect drops as a reactor for direct methanol fuel cell catalyst won the 2nd place in the overall awards which was nominated to represent Qatar in Intel ISEF 2018exhibition in the United States. The same project won 1st place in the Special Awards honored by Shell Qatar Company and 2nd place in the Chemistry and Material Science category. The research project on AUTI-LIGHT; a product specially designed for children with ASD won 1st place under the Special Awards honored by Texas A&M University at Qatar and 2nd place under the Biomedical Engineering category. Additionally, the research project on Performance of Novel Electroless Plated Ni-P-C3N4 Nanocomposite Coating won 2nd place in the Special Awards presented by Shell Qatar Company and 3rd place in the Chemistry and Material Science category.

Al-Bairaq program also won in ITEX interschool competition (Qatar) organized by Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). The winning project was nominated to represent Qatar in ITEX 2018 exhibition. Finally, Al-Bairaq won the 2nd place in ITEX 2018 exhibition in Malaysia for the research on Marine Degradable plastic based on soybean by-product.

In her remarks, Section Head of Outreach and Communications at QU Center for Advanced Materials Dr. Noora Al-Thani expressed her appreciation of the great efforts made by Al-Bairaq team, which was honored by many schools which participated in I Am Discovering Materials program. She also thanked the team members for their keenness to continuously develop and improve the program which applies STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) curriculum. She noted that Al-Bairaq has recently attracted a larger number of students who participated in the program’s research projects and she highlighted the innovative ideas and research outcomes produced by Al-Bairaq students.

Source: Qatar University