The General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) has launched the Best Sustainable Local Products competition under the theme Domestic products for a sustainable Qatar. The competition is the first of its kind in Qatar to encourage the country’s industrial and commercial sectors to produce more environment-friendly sustainable products in Qatar. It is one of the initiatives of KAHRAMAA’s National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency Tarsheed, and entries will be received until April 1.

The competition aims to raise awareness about the concept of sustainability and its role in the progress of domestic products in Qatar. Through the said contest, the Corporation is urging the industrial and commercial sectors to adopt strategies to conserve the environment and achieve sustainability in their production processes. It also asks the local manufacturers to adopt practices of Tarsheed and energy efficiency in the domestic market and promote competitiveness between the industrial and commercial sectors and private sector development in Qatar.

Applications can be submitted through Tarsheed Page on KAHRAMAA website, after checking the terms of the contest and the technical standards for evaluation, then filling in the application form for registration.

Source: Government of Qatar