DOHA, Qatar, An array of rare collections on Qatar and Kuwait relations and Kuwait’s heritage and history, such as evolution of car number plates used in Kuwait, coins and series of Kuwaiti dinar banknote and antique items, go on display for the first time in Qatar, at the Qatari-Kuwaiti Relations Exhibition, which opened in the Katara Building 18, on Wednesday.

The exhibition, which will run until July 10, also features old maps and manuscripts, including an archive of over two million documents, about Kuwait and the Gulf States, some dating back to more than 200 years. The exhibition was inaugurated by Katara General Manager, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti, together with Expo 965 Founder, Mohammed Ali Kamal, in the presence of 17 museum owners, collectors, artisans and heritage experts from Kuwait and representatives of various embassies in Qatar.

Commenting on the occasion, Sulaiti said, the exhibition comes as part of the continuous cultural cooperation between Qatar and Kuwait. “Katara’s support to this kind of events assures our commitment to raising awareness on our heritage, and this exhibition enables Kuwaiti and Qatari heritage enthusiasts, to exchange expertise in this important field,” he added.

According to Kamal, the exhibition includes some rare documents that are more than 100 years old, on the commercial relations between Qatar and Kuwait.

Besides the heritage collections, the exhibition also presents the craftsmanship of Kuwaitis, such as in metal and wood works, as well as, a wide variety of traditional items, representing Kuwaiti marine culture, original fishing kits and accessories, account books of pearl diving and some assets of Emiri palaces of Kuwait, including personal belongings of the rulers of Kuwait in different periods.

“I am the youngest private museum owner in Kuwait and I have brought with me a collection of old car number plates we used in Kuwait, since the 1960’s and up to the present. I am very grateful to bring my collection to Qatar for the first time,” said Abdul Majeed Behbeni.

Another exhibitor, Adel Hassan AlSadoon presents his exquisite collection of around 17 old maps of the Arabian Peninsula, including a map that was printed in 1482, based on Ptolemy’s work. “I am a collector and I have a museum at home. I collect mostly maps and old books, since I am an astronomer and historian. We are very glad to be here with our friends and brothers in Qatar. I am grateful to their warm accommodation of our team, to make this exhibition possible,” AlSadoon said.

Source: Nam News Network